Main Destinations

There is so much to do around Cape Coral that it can be tricky to make a choice. Maybe you just want to get a rough idea of the driving time to destinations like Sanibel Island, Captiva Island or Fort Myers Beach, without choosing a specific location. In this case, simply select your main destination in the drop-down menu. Afterwards, you can make more detailed plans and select marinas, restaurants, beaches or other sights that you want to check out.


Lee County boasts a great number of marinas – perfect places to dock your boat, buy shipping equipment and gasoline, stay overnight or enjoy a meal. Many marinas also feature free WiFi, showers, boat repairs and other amenities that might come in handy on your boat trip. With iBOATMAP, you are sure to find the nearest marina in your area.


If long boat trips make you hungry, iBOATMAP is perfect for you. Our map contains many award-winning restaurants where you can dine directly by the water. Beautiful views of canals, rivers and the ocean will make your culinary experience even better. And of course, these restaurants also offer free boat slips.


Beautiful beaches are a main reason to go on a boating trip in South Florida. Here, you can soak up some rays, go swimming and snorkeling or collect beautiful seashells. With iBOATMAP, you can always check the distance to your favorite beach paradise, and how long it will take you to get there. Authentic user reviews are just a mouse click away, so you can find out if the beach is worth your time.

Boat Rentals

Not every vacationer arrives in Cape Coral with their own boat. Luckily, there are numerous boat rentals in and around the city. iBOATMAP will show you the best places to rent a boat and start your sea-bound adventure. With the tool, you can find the nearest rental company from your vacation home and avoid long car rides.

Boat Ramps

Some vacation homes in Cape Coral do not provide access to the saltwater canal. But this does not mean that you have to drive long distances to launch your boat. Just select the closest boat ramp on the iBOATMAP, and you will reach the Gulf of Mexico in no time. Detailed information on opening times, parking spots and fees is just a few clicks away.

Boat Fuel Stations

Careful planning is key if you want to go on extended boat trips, especially if you have to refuel your vessel midway. With iBOATMAP, you will see all boat fuel stations on the way to your destination. Running low on fuel? No problem. Thanks to the mobile-friendly design of iBOATMAP, you can always get the directions to the nearest gas station, even if you are already on the water.