Real Estate Agents

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION – Selling homes in Southwest Florida can be a tricky business. For example, you may need to explain to your clients why properties with gulf access are more expensive than other properties with gulf access. But why just explain it when you can show it on the easy-to-use iBOATMAP? This way you can really highlight the prime location of your homes and charge the appropriate price. Provide a unique consultation and sales experience that will stay in the minds of your customers. Amaze your clients with all the interesting places nearby, stand out from other realtors and watch your commissions soar – all with just one smart tool.

Vacation Rentals

Visitors who want to rent a vacation home in Lee County are spoilt for choice. The area boasts a great number of beautiful objects. However, not all of them are suited for boaters. With iBOATMAP, you can double-check the location of your vacation home for criteria like Gulf access and the driving distance to boat rentals, marinas, beaches, islands and other interesting sights.

Boat Rentals

When looking for boat rentals, customers do not only compare prices, boat models and services. They also want to know how long it will take them from the rental location to their desired destination. What is more, with iBOATMAP, you can efficiently target a specific audience – for example, vacationers in a certain area of Lee County. Point out the convenient location of your company with iBOATMAP to really get your name out there.

Private Landlords

You are a house owner and want to rent out your property for the best price you can get? Then, it is important to emphasize the object’s convenient location. With iBOATMAP, you can easily show prospective tenants how close your house is to the nearest marinas, beaches or other places of interest. Fair prices make iBOATMAP the ideal option for private landlords who want to spice up their website and really shine a spotlight on their house.